Dedicated to the manufacture of wood floors, we have experience in the wood industry, we work the lines of engineering and solid staves, in the same way we have our own chemical division to ensure the installation, care and maintenance of our floors following the manuals and technical data sheets available.

In addition to this we are importers of outdoor floors in the hard deck line, thanks to which we have stood out as one of the companies in the field of wood floors specialized in lines with trend and design that currently prevail in large architectural projects in both Mexico as South America.


Position ourselves in the national and international market as a leading and sustainable brand in the manufacture of wood floors.


Consolidate as a leading manufacturer with the ability to compete under certification and quality standards in the international market.


  • Quality: Competitive and sustainable in all our products under the premise of obtaining quality at a competitive cost.
  • Commitment: complying with our commitments acquired with customers and suppliers in order to achieve the appropriate synergy that favors the growth and good functioning of the company.
  • Leadership: positioning of our brand nationally and internationally.

Differentiator and competitive advantages of quality at a lower price in the market.